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  • Pet Show-and-Tell!

    Regardless of what they are, I'm sure we all love our little buddies, so here's a place to show off your feathery, scaly, furry animal friends!

    Of course, it's show-AND-tell, so it'd be great if you could share something about them as well~

    To start, here are mine. Meet Suga (the big calico) and her three kittens! Suga was a stray given to me on this same day last year, and in October she gave birth to these three lovely babies. Had to give two of them away though, but Nami's still with us. <3

    Click image for larger version

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    They're so adorable resting comfortably on your soft bed and blankets! I don't own a cat but whenever I get close to cats at my friends house, they just coming around you softly push their head towards your legs and body, and the feels it so good, it seems like you're having connection with them whenever they do the head rubbing actions to you. Your cats look really nice and cute! I bet Suga must be very happy with Nami staying around with her


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      When they rub against you, that's basically them marking you as their territory-- But yes! Suga is glad to have Nami here. She sometimes looks for the other kittens but calms down when she sees her. It's a huge relief. ;; It's good that you're buddies with your friend's cats though! I used to think I was a dog person before I got Suga. Taking care of her, I realized cats suit my personality so much better.


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        Here's my sweet kitty Taco. She's always getting into places where she doesn't belong, lol! The picture on the left is her with her "baby" lemur.


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          Oooh, black cats! I've always wanted one, honestly, but I'm still very happy with my Suga. <3 And her baby is adorable!! All the resemblance is definitely there--


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            Your cats are lovely! Here is my princess I rescued her last year and she is 4 years old now.


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              Originally posted by chibicano View Post
              Your cats are lovely! Here is my princess I rescued her last year and she is 4 years old now.
              I rescued Suga last year as well, but she's still only a year and around two months old. Anyway, yours is such a pretty princess! <3


              • chibicano
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                thank you so much!!

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              chibicano You're welcome! Long live to both our queens. <3