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I left my job because...

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  • I left my job because...

    I recently resigned from my full-time work and decided to focus on doing more online jobs.. I quit my job because it's emotionally, physically, and psychologically draining. It never felt more liberating and I've never felt this free and happy since the last time I checked. I think I made the right decision...

    In your case, have you ever had a decision where you felt like it's one of the biggest one you have to make?

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    Well, I was never really made for immersing myself in an organizational environment. I knew that all along, but I had to build a base and learn a few inside techniques before venturing out all by myself. So far, I've joined and left around 5 companies, my shortest tenure being 2 months, and the longest one - 2 years. I'm into freelancing for over 3 years now and loving it to the core. I plan to publish a couple of my sci-fi books, pursue a bit of acting, and rest easy on a boatload of cash.

    It'll be a tough road, I know. Struggling really bad at the moment. But I also know that I'll get there someday. Changing the world's mindset and stuff. Got a few theories in my pocket too. Just need to write and publish 'em.


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      Go for it! Reach for the stars.