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How to make a decision?

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  • How to make a decision?

    Many people are wondering one of the most basic survival things we do everyday, which is how to make a good decision? A good decision is the decisions which won't make you regret, suffer or have any negative emotions associated with it. In fact, for all the decisions you make in your life, you can be happy with it if you have your root concepts about your life correct. Try to see if you can get what is explained below on how to make a decision, which choice or path should you take?

    Act from the higher consciousness, still doing the same changes or decisions you would make for your life, but with the consciousness of knowing you are not your body and mind which are temporary forms. Do not get attach to the outcome, accept what is fully. Everything is neutral, only the mind is always fear of death and trying to survive better which give rise to judgement, good bad etc. Since emotions arise from thoughts, you will feel constant peace and secure (as you know the truth of not being your human form) no matter what the results are, as you are not attached to the outcome or become identified with your unconscious behavior (conditioned of your past experiences). Just observe and enjoy the present no matter what happened will happen or is happening.