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How to live with peace in every moment of life?

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  • How to live with peace in every moment of life?

    Flows with nature. No matter what happened, don't resist it, accept it fully. Everything happened has already happened and cannot be undone, why don't accept it with peace.

    Accept everything that is happening as well. Since it is already happening, it is redundant to resist it with anger, frustration, etc. Flows with nature and accept with peace.

    Accept all the results in the future as well. Set a goal and then focus on the progress, the present moment. Don't get stuck in the unreal future and miss out the present. Enjoy every moment towards anything. No matter what the results turn out to be, it's nature and neutral, accept them fully. The results will be turned into past as well, which is best to accept with peace instead of negative emotions and thoughts, no matter what happen.