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How to avoid confusion and make the right decision

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  • How to avoid confusion and make the right decision

    Everyone experiences confusions, whether this decision is better or that decision is better, should I do this or should I do that, which way is the better choice, which is the best choice and decision to make. All people are struggling with decision, at least some times in their life. Even though all people experience confusion in their life, most of them don't really know how to actually deal with confusion, how to make the correct decision in their life.

    Decision, is one of the most important thing in life. If you made a different decision in your life, your life will be totally different. If you change your decision, you change your life. And we are making decision every moment in our life. From small decision like should I take a nap a little while more, should I eat this or that food today, to big decision like should I change my job now, should I buy a house, should I invest all my money into this, etc.

    In order to deal with confusion when making decision, we need to understand the reason for the confusion first. If someone is sick, the doctor has to identify the problem first before he is able to find the best cure for the patient's disease right? The same goes to decision making. You have to know what causing you to confuse on which decision is best for you.

    Jumping straight to the point, whenever you confuse, one of the main reasons is because you don't have enough knowledge and experience about a certain thing. When you don't have enough knowledge or experience on a certain thing, you don't know which decision is a better choice, which way will lead you to the result you want, and thus you can't make the right decision and will be confused, cause you want to choose and make the better decision.

    So, how should I deal with the confusion and make the right decision? This is the most important thing because if you choose a bad decision, your life will go to the bad way in a certain extent, whereas if you choose and make the better decision, your life will be going into the better way, at least to a certain extent, to the way of life you want more. Actually, when encounter with this problem, confusion when making a certain decision, most people will keep thinking the problem, predicting what will happen if I do this, what will happen if I decide to do that. And most people will keep thinking for the whole day and let this confusion affects their day, unable to concentrate doing other things before they know which way is the better decision. The things you need to know is that, even though a lot of people think a lot about the problem for days or weeks about which decision to make, they are still choosing or making the wrong or bad decision in the end. This is because the wrong strategy is taken, or the wrong medicine is given or taken to cure that disease.

    One of the main reasons you are confused, as stated above, is because lacking of knowledge and experience for that situation. So to solve this, you need to know more about the situation or problem. Instead of keep thinking about the problem, you should increase your knowledge and possibly experience to that situation and problem. One of the easiest way to do this is to do more research or reference to or ask experts or friends who have made a better decision when they encounter the same similar situation or problem, in order to gain more knowledge and insight about your problem. And Internet is one of the greatest inventions you can use easily for your research. You can try to google more, research more, and knows more about the problem, and find the best solution to your problem.

    If you know which decision is better for you, or which decision leads to your preferred way of life, you won't be confused. For example, in investment, if you know for certain that the house is going to be go up in price more than the other houses, because you are expert in real estate or you have done tons of research on that house and other houses, you will have no confusion in which house to invest into. Another simple example, if you are having a diarrhea, of course you will take the pill for diarrhea instead of the pill for headache, right? there won't be any confusion because you have enough knowledge and experience on this.

    Anyway, hope this helps you a little bit on how to deal with confusion and making the right decision.