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What made you smile today?

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  • What made you smile today?

    We all have our way to start our day. Aside from the regular health and hygiene routine, what made you SMILE today? Just like how the sun shine in the morning, there must be a reason what made your start your day smiling. There's that kiss that wakes you up from that special someone of yours. A greeting from a stranger along the way. Or probably a promotion or surprise?

    So what is it that made you smile today?
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    I certainly SMILE to the news that there will be a new baby coming to the family. I really...really am so excited!
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      I live in Texas, and our weather is very sketchy. But today is actually a really nice day outside!
      I do live on the coast, and I and my roommate are actually considering going to the beach this afternoon!


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        That's very nice Hanna! It was always my dream to have a house by the sea or ocean or even just beside a brook or stream. I enjoy the sound of gushing waves and water. I'd love to experience waking up in the morning with the wind from the ocean on my face as I walk barefoot on sandy beach.


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          I have a the 7-year old son of my niece here today and boy I sure am so delighted and smiled as I hear him sing his favorite song in correct full rhyme and tone. I bet he can very well sing when he grows up a bit. He has learned to converse in English even without us teaching him or his teacher in school. All because he mimics the kids he's watching always in YouTube. Kids today really amazes me...


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            The smile that gives me every day is the allowance that I receive from my mother or seeing my crush at school. Hahaha