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What's the scariest theme park rides you've been on?

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  • What's the scariest theme park rides you've been on?

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    I am "chicken" when it comes to "fun" rides. Where's the fun in that when I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack? The scariest I was on is a pirate ship that just swings back and forth. I know, i know, it's lame. But that's what i thought too that it's harmless. So when my friends wanted us to sit at the far end, i obliged. It was hell for me. I almost puked. There's like war going on in my stomach. Won't happen again. I'm happy with the kiddie rides and the fun games at the park.
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    Plunging park rides are the scariest for most park goers. But if you are in for some thrill and have a strong and steady heart, it can be the most enjoyable and awesome experience.
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      Oh my God, just imagining it is making my stomach twitch. Gotta give it to people who really enjoy these "death-defying" rides.


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        It will be the Space Shuttle or the Roller Coaster. I closed my eyes every time we will be in the upside down position.
        I am not into this kind of rides anymore compared when I was younger.


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          Probably the cyclon roller coaster in universal studios! Hahaha it's scary af