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Which country you'd rather live?

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  • Which country you'd rather live?

    These countries have the highest quality of life according to the World Economic Forum, published in July 2016
    1. Finland
    2. Canada
    3. Denmark
    4. Australia
    5. Switzerland
    6. Sweden
    7. Norway
    8. Netherlands
    9. United Kingdom
    10. New Zealand & Iceland

    Most of them are European countries.

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    I would love to experience living in an Italian town near rolling lush hills of vineyards and olives. I wanna hear romantic Italian music over some fine wine and candle light dinner. Haysss!


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      You are classy and romantic YellowChevy .
      possano i tuoi sogni diventare realtà


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        Mine is Spain, I speak a bit of Spanish and would love to practise and get better at it.


        • Funky.Troy
          Funky.Troy commented
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          My Spanish is very basic. They can sell me there, lol. Maybe you should find a chatroom like FANS CHATS, but in Spanish, so you could practice

        • draga
          draga commented
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          Tal vez, if it exists.

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        I have always considered Switzerland or even Germany


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          Is strange Iceland is so far below. I love this planet and wouldn't mind live anywhere but if I had to choose one it would be the UK, I speak the language well and I love London Besides is not too far away (I'm spanish)


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            Originally posted by Funky.Troy View Post
            You are classy and romantic YellowChevy .
            possano i tuoi sogni diventare realtà
            lols! not really but probably hopeless romantic...


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              I am actually considering living in United Kingdom or Switzerland because of the benefits they provide their citizens.


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                I would have to visit all of them at least once and see how it really feels. I wouldn't choose Iceland since I already know it is a very expensive place


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                  I am currently living at USA, Los Angelas and I am really not enjoying living in such disaster areas, where flood, water, storms and hurricanes are very common in every alternate month. Most of the people living in this area are victims of flood and hurricane which not only harms them but cause home damage also. Last year one of my neighbour faced roof damage because of hurricane and high winds, which causes them to call an insurance and public adjusters like Phoenix public adjusters for covering the restoration amount. So if you ask me, I would prefer to live in such country where people are safe from such natural disasters.