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Smoking smell in the room and bathroom - Monday 20 March 2017

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  • Smoking smell in the room and bathroom - Monday 20 March 2017

    This is the 1st day the us big customer stays in our luxury house. But there is some problem they encountered yesterday, which is the smoking smell in the room and toilet which causes them not having a good sleep. And we need to address this issue fast.

    My friend, who is the diesigner of the house, immediately call expert to address this issue. However, yesterday when they check in, they changed the door passcode for security and safety feeling, and now we have to wait for them to tell us the passcode before we can let the expert go in the house tonfix the smoking smell issue.

    Just a little bit feeling thay they don't really want to tell us the door passcode. But I still think that trust people sometimes make you more happy. Ofcourse if you trust wrong people you maybe getting into big trouble, but still, trust is needed in this world.

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    Oh, that's not cool man. I think they should take care of these things. I don't smoke but I do vape and for that, I use only refillable vape cartridge which has no so much smell and they are a very good cartridge to utilize cannabis oil or CBD or THC. If you are interested then you should also try it.


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