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  • How to earn money from playing games

    Nowadays, the gaming industry is developing so fast that it became one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. A lot of games, especially online games like World of Warcraft, make hundreds of millions and even simple game like flappy bird, can make a lot of money as well. But not only developers can make money from making games, people who love playing games can earn money easily as well in today society.

    One of the way to make money from playing games is just by broadcasting to audience when you are playing the game. There are so many ways where you can live broadcast when playing games, for example on youtube or twitch. A lot of people actually enjoy watching other people playing games, for them is like watching television program. You can slowly gain popularity and subscribers and actually gain money from playing games.

    Besides, you can also record gameplay videos and upload to youtube to make money. Any videos you submit to youtube can get you some money if you become youtube partnership, which is free and easily done. And the gameplay videos are not copyrighted like other music and movies.

    Regardless you are a good pro player or a weak player, you can still make money from playing games. The most important point is that, if you enjoy playing games, other will enjoy watching you playing the games as well. Of course if you can make your live broadcast or gameplay videos more interactive, which can be done by using microphone and interact with the audiences who are viewing how you are playing and enjoying your game, you can easily gain more subscribers to your channel.

    Of course if you are a pro player, going into competition is a good idea, as you can get the winner rewards, which nowadays is quite a huge amount of money, and reputation as well, where you can utilize your reputation to get subscribers and more audience to you, which also corresponds to money.

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    So the trick it to make a youtube or twitch channel where you play games right ? I've seen so many people making big bucks with winning gaming competitions.


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      Many games bring huge profits, for example, Dota 2, where the guys and I once participated in the DreamLeague Season 15 DPC EU Tournament. But few people know what efforts need to be made to achieve this level of earnings in games. It's not just about the ability to shoot accurately, as everyone thinks about the game Countre Strike. The most important thing is logic and thinking so that this works well and does not fail. It would be best if you put your brain in order. This article helped me a lot to understand my mind and clear ithttps://partnersinfire.com/lifestyle/brain-dump/ . If you learn to shoot and think, and most importantly - choose the game you like, then the earnings will undoubtedly be, and in massive amounts.
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